How do you sequence your practice?

Saturday, 22 August 2020 14:45
Work backwards. Whaaa?...
Work out firstly what you would like to achieve from your practice. 
Defining the outcome your practice informs how to sequence your practice. It gives you the clues of how to commence.
Before you start, ask yourself: 
How do I feel?
How is my emotional state? My mental state?
How am I physically?
Am I tired? Am I energetic? The time of the day has a big part to play in this.
Do I have tightness or pain? Maybe try a downward dog and search your body for clues.
What I am motivated by?
For example, do you want to work towards a particular asana? Or in a particular asana grouping?
Basically, asanas can be grouped in the following way:
Forward Bends
Jumping - Surya Namaskar (Salute to the sun)
The outcome of doing an asana can be:
Heating or cooling
Stimulating or quietening
Energising or pacifying
The Content Library classes have been ordered into asana groupings so it is easier to navigate. Some classes are designed for a complete practice, for example, the Your Daily Mix series and the Rounded Practice classes. These are ideal if you only have about 45 mins to do a practice before you start your work. Be sure to always include your set up pose (Supta Baddha Konasana or Supta Virasana) before your class and do Savasana afterwards. In some classes the reclining asana is taught at the beginning of the class so check the details in the description. Also, in many of the videos I have added suggestions on what to practice before or after that particular video.
Here are some basic principles of sequencing:
Standing asanas are usually at the beginning of the practice
Inversions can be anywhere in a practice but shoulderstand always follows a headstand
Backbends are energising, so forward bends, which are generally quietening, follow
Twists also follow backbends to help release the muscles of the back
Yoga is about your experience. Find your way into the practice by trying out a class in the Content Library and see how it works for you. Open your body and it will give your mind and intelligence space to move within. You start on the outside and then progressively go inwards. You have to try though, it won’t happen by itself. And remember things are never the same, today something might seem really challenging and tomorrow not all.
Get on your mat :)

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