Streamed yoga classes are about community

Tuesday, 24 March 2020 09:24

Welcome to the new world of seeing Tom and I from your screen. For those who have already joined us online it’s great to see you again. We hope to see many more of your familiar faces soon as we stream our Iyengar Yoga classes online. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go :)

It’s an important time to create a routine, just as you did before when you incorporated coming to the studio in your weekly routine. Yoga is an anchor through uncertainty and change. We now have a lot more classes on the timetable so you can do yoga when you want it. 

Dedicating time for yourself, especially when you are holed up with your cohabitants, is paramount to keeping calm, patient and maybe even happy! Make a special place to have to the space to unroll your mat and have your props near by. Your space for you. Create a familiar, pleasant domain. Sure, your family/housemates will be curious about your online yoga classes, let them check out what you’re doing and then gently send them on their way.

It’s also important to familiarise yourself with the technology. And for some it’s more of a challenge than others (yep, that’s me - technically challenged that is!!). Give yourself time to log on and acknowledge it’s all a bit different than before. We’d love to see you and still give you feedback on how you’re doing your asanas, so positioning your screen to show you on your mat and leaving your video on is good.
Seeing you and hearing you is also about being part of the community. You can say hello to other participants just as you would at the studio before and after class. For 14 years Yoga-Pathians have found community through the studio. We are here to support you and your practice as we all move into what feels like an uncertain future, together.

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