How to be content

Saturday, 29 February 2020 12:00
Patience is required to be still and silent. It takes effort. We are always busy. Our lifestyle requires that of us. There seems an endless pursuit to get more, have more, be more. Sometimes we may leave little time for thought for what we already have.
In Sanskrit, the ancient language we use to describe asanas (poses) and yogic concepts, the word Santosa (pronounced san-tosha) translates to contentment. Santosa is one of the 5 Niyamas, these are the individual ethical observances. 
Last week we looked at Yoga and Adversity, by reflecting on our lives and our experiences we are able to create a view from a different perspective. We can step outside ourselves and see with clarity. This only happens when we are not involved with the dramas and catastrophes that seem to be constantly occurring. Through clarity and understanding we are able to examine how our desires can sometimes surpass our needs. There is a disorientation in our understanding of reality and a distortion of what we are actually experiencing. The asana we practice on the mat is about establishing a connection to our true state.
Contentment is a state of mind. With contentment comes tranquility. 
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10.30-11.30am Inversions (including variations for beginners)
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12.30-2.00pm Restorative and Pranayama
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Nicole Schroeter
Certified Iyengar Teacher
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