Pose of the Week: Kapotasana

Saturday, 04 May 2019 10:23

This week’s pose is Kapotasana. Kapot means a dove or a pigeon. BKS Iyengar says ‘In this pose the chest expands and puffs out like that of a pouter pigeon, hence the name (Light on Yoga p.305). Asana means posture or pose. So it’s called Pigeon Pose. 


BKS Iyengar demonstrating Kapotasana in Light on Yoga



All yoga practice takes discipline. The practice requires you to make the time and the effort. The practice requires willpower and determination. And as you’ve heard me say in class: It’s not an overnight thing. You have to put in, to get something out of it. It also takes time. When you plant a seed in the soil in your garden you don’t expect it the grow and produce fruit instantly. As Patanjali says in the Yoga Sutras yoga is mastered through long persistent uninterrupted practice with determination and zeal.



When you’re in your asana do you ask yourself: “Can I do a little more?” You probably can, and when you do you learn a bit more about yourself. BKS Iyengar says in Light on Life: “If one keeps one’s aim to the maximum, Self-knowing will come. I say this because your mind and intelligence move deeper toward the inner body, bringing the mind closer to the Self-the core of being.” (pp.56-57)


Kapotasana is one of the most advanced asana I have focused on in Pose of the Week. For most, this will take a lifetime to get to (or maybe 2!). It has taken me a long time as well, to get to this point. Not only does it take effort and determination, but it also takes courage, and lots of it. When your head goes back and your hips go forward, you need all the strength you can muster, not just in the legs, but also in your mind. There is no turning back and the little voice in the back of your brain is forever doubting and undermining your efforts. Only through belief and disciplined practice can change take place.


Watch a short video of Nic demonstrating Kapotasana at Yoga Path here.


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