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August 2022

Reserve your place in class

Monday 1st August - Saturday 31st December 2022

Reserve your place in class online before coming to class online or at the studio. Reservations are essential so book ahead. Please remember to cancel if you can't make it so another student might take your place:)

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Annual Membership

Tuesday 2nd August - Saturday 31st December 2022     Great Value:)

UNLIMITED ACCESS to all classes, free access to  In-house Special Events, discounts on workshops, yoga props and yoga retreats, fantastic value. Become an Annual Member today
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Online Content Library - Stream it 24/7!

Wednesday 3rd August - Saturday 31st December 2022     $27 weekly     PAYG - cancel anytime:)

On demand streaming Content Library, an a la carte selection of 30 minute videos highlighting the best of Yoga Path for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students. Over 170 classes to choose from plus content updates to keep it fresh!

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Yoga Trivia Night

Friday 19th - Friday 19th August 2022     by donation

Need to invigorate your social self after lockdown? Come join us for an evening of fun as we run another trivia night to get together and raise some money for Edgar's Mission. Bring a plate, a token offering for the prize pool if you like, donate to the fund raiser and test your yoga knowledge:)

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October 2022

BEGINNERS - Iyengar Yoga Foundation Course Term 4, 2022

Monday 3rd October - Saturday 17th December 2022     $260     Includes Complimentary Saturday Class

Establish the foundation of a well rounded yoga practice. Develop physical fitness, flexibility, breath awareness and mental wellbeing. Attend course classes every Monday 8pm or Tuesday 6:30pm. Includes free access to Saturday's 8am Foundation Class (by reservation).

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LEVEL 1 Iyengar Yoga Course TERM 4, 2022

Monday 3rd October - Sunday 18th December 2022     $260 (10 Classes)

Take the next step on your Yoga Path and deepen your understanding of breath integration with asana as you explore yoga at a more challenging level building on the Intro Level 1 Course. Use this term pass to attend Level One classes once a week (Monday 6:30pm, Thursday 8pm or Sunday 8:30am) up to ten times in the term. 

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INTRO LEVEL 1 Iyengar Yoga Course TERM 3, 2022

Wednesday 5th October - Sunday 18th December 2022     $260 (10 classes)

Step up from The Beginners Yoga Course and prepare for Level 1 with this bridging course. Firmly establish the fundamentals and the confidence to move ahead with your yoga practice. Wednesdays 6:30pm or Thursday 6:30pm.

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January 2023

Become an Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Sunday 29th January - Sunday 31st December 2023     Accredited IYA Teacher Training

Do you love yoga? Would you like the opportunity to express and communicate with others that love of yoga? Do you want the unique opportunity to learn through one-on-one teacher/student apprenticeship? Want to join a vibrant community of teachers whose knowledge is informed by their own Sadhana (practice experience)? Undertake accredited Iyengar Yoga Teacher training with Nicole and become an Iyengar Yoga Teacher. 

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Who was Guruji?

Who was Guruji?

If you have ever attended one of my classes you may have heard me refer to ‘Guruji’. Guruji is the affectionate term for BKS Iyengar. He lived to 95 and died in August 2014. He is the ‘founder’ of Iyengar Yoga, the lineage of the yoga style that I practice and teach. Although he never claimed to have founded Iyengar Yoga, he always said he was just practicing and teaching Yoga, Hatha Yoga. » View details
Why do you do Yoga?

Why do you do Yoga?

Recently I was thinking about the reasons I started yoga. My friend, Melissa, had just started and was really loving the challenge of it. She showed me ‘half’ handstand (most of you will be familiar with walking your feet up the wall to 90° and bearing your weight on your hands). I was so impressed that I joined a course the next week. What started your journey in yoga? » View details
Finding your fluidity & stability throug...

Finding your fluidity & stability throug...

In the last blog we looked at Shoulderstand and finding our way to a sense of cooling in the asana. In this post we look at fulidity and stability. » View details
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